Sintered Metal Powder Filter Elements

At Gopani, we have strived to devise the best suited filtration solution for past 3 decades. This core belief along with a focused market research approach strengthened our drive to constantly better our products.

Due to limiting factors like supply chain disruptions and lack of domestic suppliers most of the filters, frits, syringe filters, solvent filters, column guard filters and pipette tip filters are being imported.

Filtration and make in India is in our DNA and hence we saw an opportunity, developed an intrigue and created an ecosystem to manufacture these products in India.

While Indian Pharmaceutical companies are the global suppliers and exporting worldwide but unfortunately they are still importing filters due to lack of ample domestic suppliers.

With immense pride & pleasure, we are happy to announce an official arrival of all these products for the companies in India.

Gopani is happy to serve and make India empowered beyond measure.


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