The temperature and humidity sensor used to measure the humidity in air at any given time, are fully waterproof and prevent condensation damage. When buried in soil the sintered metal powder porous sensor measures relative humidity of air in the soil and not the soil moisture.


  • Industrial universal standard RS485 bus MODBUS-RTU protocol interface
  • PLC and DCS for monitoring
  • Temperature measurement range -30°C~80°C
  • Humidity measurement range 0~100%RH
  • Humidity measurement accuracy ±3%RH @25°C

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Spec Sheet

Power supply voltage range2.1-3.6V
OutputI2C digital/PWM, SDM output/analog voltage interface
Energy consumption3.2μW (8-bit measurement, once per second)
Relative RH working rangeHumidity 0-100%
Temperature working rangeTemperature -40~125°C (-104~257°F)
Humidity response time8S
Temp measurement accuracy±0.3°C (25°C)
Humidity measurement accuracy±3%RH (25°C, 60%RH)
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