Gopani’s Syringe filters can produce consistent and accurate results in measuring analytical goals in life science, pharmaceutical methods, research and development, quality control and other envi- ronmental procedures. Reliable for simple, quick and efficient filtration of fluids our filters can be widely used in laboratory, pilot and small-scale applications. These discs can be used for clarifica- tion of acids, bases and solvents. The same membrane is used in the cartridge filters to allow for consistent scale up of the products. Our filters are available in a variety of different materials and diameter sizes to meet your applications and test equipment.


  • Protect HPLC column & system
  • Bio-burden reduction
  • Particulate removal
  • Buffer and solvent filtration
  • Removal of size related impurities.
  • All lab scale studies and applications


  • Preventing premature column replacement by efficiently removing contamination of the lowest order thus by increasing system efficiency and strengthening column protection
  • Increased accuracy in Chromatography results
  • High quality construction material for accurate analytical analysis
  • Many different membrane options like: Nylon, PDP, PS, PP, GF, SS, UPE, PTFE, PES etc.
  • Retention ratings from 0.05 µm to 10 µm
  • Disc sizes ranging from 13 mm to 142 mm
  • Syringe filter sizes from 13 mm to 65 mm
  • Available in more than 25 end-fitting types

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