Gopani Filters has sintered metal powder ultrafine tubes with wide ranging customizations in length, diameter, thickness, type of alloy and media grades. These filter tubes are perfect for a variety of applications and are customized to client requirement for required flow rate, filtration requirement and chemical compatibility.


  • Robust design with shape stability
  • High temperature resistance
  • Heat shock and corrosion resistant
  • Defined permeability
  • Particle retention
  • Precisely controlled pores and defined permeability

Material of Construction

  • Stainless steels (304L, 316L)
  • Titanium and its alloys
  • Nickel
  • MoneKK (Ni-Cu alloy)
  • Inconel® (Ni-Cr-Fe alloy)
  • Iron and aluminum alloy
  • Hastelloy ®B, C and X


  • Catalyst filtration
  • Support grid for catalyst
  • Mother liquor recovery in PTA process
  • Filtration in food and beverage industry

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