Gopani’s Solvent Inlet filters are made for the protection of critical instruments, and for processes that demand the highest purity. Our Solvent Filters enable Diagnostic and analytical instruments to detect particles down to parts per trillion (ppt) levels.

Our media provides a long-lasting barrier against particles even when used in harsh environments and delivers an unparalleled performance in strength and precision.

Our Solvent Inlet Filters offer a wide variety of options and benefits to meet your desired HPLC system protection.


  • We offer variety of alloys such as stainless steel for standard use, as well as titanium, Nickel alloys (Hastelloy C – 22) for corrosion resistant for bio-inert applications. We also offer these filters made from Peek , PTFE etc.
  • Uniform pore distribution and anti-clog design to keep your equipment running at full capacity.
  • Available in multiple gaskets and connectors such as PEEK, PTFE and Metal for optimal sensing.
  • We offer standard 2 and 10 μm porosity for HPLC, with option of 0.5 μm for UHPLC.
  • All metal construction for maximum durability.

Connection Types

  • Tube Slipon Fittings:

Adapted for push on flexible tubing or PEEK compression fittings for ease of use.

  • Compression type Peek Fittings:

Complete with a compression-type tube connection.

  • OD Tube PTFE Fittings:

MOC: SS 316L, Hastelloy C-22, Titanium , Peek, PTFE

Additional Information

  • We custom make dimensions, alloys, pore sizes, and fittings upon request.
  • All our products are available in Titanium and Hastelloy® versions to ensure maximum durability.
  • Contact us at sales@gopani.com to reach our representative for more information.

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