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Carbonation/Oxygen Diffuser Stone for Home Brewing


Gopani’s Filters and Column Frits are made with certified quality materials for uniform pore size distribution and maximum column efficiency.

The most important characteristic of a frit, besides the diameter and the thickness, is the porosity. When considering porosity, it is not only the average size of the pore that is of interest, but also the size distribution and the amount of pores available. The size distribution should be a gaussian function with narrow tolerances. At Gopani , we continuously monitor our manufacturing process and maintain strict control of the powders used in our process in order to provide the tightest pore distribution possible. In addition to pore distribution, it is important to consider the pore density, or number of pores available. Although the porosity may be within specification, it is unlikely that this frit would provide adequate flow. Careful control of our powders and process allows Gopani Filters to offer the best pore size distribution while maximizing flow properties.


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