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Gopani has three decades of experience in filtration technology. We are now making the finest quality sintered metal powder products in various geometries using the latest technology.

We are committed to offering high-quality products and services for customers. Our experts design filtration equipment for special applications, critical filtration needs, and unusually harsh or high temperature operating conditions. Our team of professional engineers and fabricators design filtration and separation systems to meet operation requirements according to the customer’s working conditions and process parameters.

We ensure that Gopani’s sintered powder metal filter systems and elements are of high-quality raw material via analysis and detection of grain size, particle size distribution, chemical composition, and accumulation ratio for powder materials. The method of Filter preparation, chemical composition, a host of such quality factors are strictly regulated. All products are subject to stringent tests and accuracy parameters to guarantee quality.

Features of Gopani’s Sintered Powder Metal Filters

Produced from an Array of High-quality Metals and Alloys

Very High Filtration Efficiency

Resistant to High Temperatures

Easily Cleanable with in-situ Cleaning

Based on their Material of Construction, many Elements are Compatible with Harsh Fluids

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